Greenmind Foundation was established in 2010 after Małgorzata Górska was granted with the Goldman Prize and became one of the founders and members of the board. Greenmind became one of the leading non-governmental organizations protecting biodiversity in Poland. It was established and is governed by 4 environmentalists experienced in administration, environmental NGOs, ecological consultancy and science. We aim at influencing policies and decisions related to nature protection in the country facing unprecedented influx of external funds directed to the development.

We are a dedicated watchdog organisation. We monitor implementation of the Aarhus Convention in Poland. We published results of a large-scale, quantitative study assessing the efficiency of public access to environmental information in Poland. In 2016 we published a Shadow Report on the Implementation of Aarhus Convention in 2014-2016, recognized by the Polish authorities and taken into account – to some extent – while amending the relevant law. We act for the effective protection of Bialowieza Primeval Forest. Under the umbrella of “I love Puszcza” Coalition, we have managed to persuade authorities to set the logging quotas at the level deemed safe for this pristine forest, and to halt logging activities breaking these limits, by supporting EU authorities with information and knowledge, leading eventually to favourable ruling of European Court of Justice. Our goal is also to protect Polish rivers and the riparian ecosystems. We work to halt plans of transforming Polish rivers into navigation channels. We fight against plans of building new dams at Vistula and Wisloka rivers. We are active in the steering committee of “Save the Rivers” Coalition. We also work against commercial hunting of European bisons with some good results. We continue our work to punish those guilty of flooding nearly half a thousand bird broods and strangulation of several million fish as a result of a bad decisions regarding flows at the dam located in the Lower Vistula river, that took place in 2018. Just recently, on 12th of March 2020, we won this case at the court!